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The objective of an anonymized job application is the equal opportunity during the initial phase of the application procedure

, i.e., only after a candidate has received an invitation for a job interview, does the HR representative gain knowledge of the candidate’s name, age, gender, origin and family status. This allows the HR reps to fully concentrate on the applicant’s professional suitability during the selection process, without any personal partiality leaving its mark on their decision.

As the very first provider on the market, HRecruiting offers customers the possibility of carrying out an online application procedure in a non-discriminatory manner.  Up to a process phase, as defined by the customer, the process runs with anonymized applicant profiles; relevant General Equal Treatment Act (AGG) information is masked. Therefore, unbiased evaluations are possible in accordance with the requirements from the Anglo-American area. This procedure is especially suitable for pre-screening as it accommodates international requirements without any extra effort.  Any job advertisement can be individually configured in reference to whether an anonymized application process should be used or not.


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